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List of Hong Kong Game Shows[]

Title Host Network Aired Notes

1 Tegen 100

Wyman Wong ATV September 24, 2006 – December 15, 2006 Hong Kong version of 1 vs. 100.
ATM (Action to Money) now TV 2011
ATM Plus now TV 2012
Brain Works TVB 2002-2003
Card Sharks ATV 1982

Deal or No Deal

Michael Hui

Alfred Cheung

TVB Jade October 29, 2006 - February 17, 2008 Hong Kong version of Deal or No Deal.
Everyone Wins TVB 2003

Hai Mai Siu Yi Fo

Leo Ku TVB October 25, 2008 – November 16, 2009 Hong Kong version of Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?
大咕窿 Yishan Ng and Calinda Yuen-wai Chan and Dickson Wong TVB
May 9, 2009- Hong Kong version of Hole in the Wall.
亮相 Eric Kot TVB May 5, 2008- Hong Kong version of Identity.
Justice for All TVB 2005-2006
Minutes to Fame TVB 2005-2007
Outsmart TVB 2009, 2012
Russian Roulette Dayo Wong TVB 2002 Hong Kong version of Russian Roulette
Sale of the Century ATV 1982
Super Trio Show TVB 1995-2014
The People Versus ATV 2002
The Vault ATV 2002
The Weakest Link TVB 2001-2002
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? ATV 2001-2005, 2018
Who's Still Standing? TVB 2014-