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List of Australian Game Shows[]

Logo Title Host Network Aired Notes
The $1,000,000 Chance of a Lifetime
1 vs. 100 Eddie McGuire Nine Network 2007
A Question of Sport Network Ten 1995–1996
AFL Lovematch Fox8 2004–?
ADbc SBS One 2009 -
All About Faces Nine Network 1971
All-Star Squares (See also "Hollywood Squares") Seven Network 1999
Almost Anything Goes (See "It's a Knockout") Network Ten 1976–1978
A*mazing Seven Network 1994–1998
Ampol Stamp Quiz Nine Network 1964–1965
Any Questions? ABC Late 1950s
Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? Network Ten 2007–2009
Australia's Brainiest Kid Network Ten 2005–2008
Balance Your Budget TCN-9 1959-1960
Battle Of The Sexes Network Ten 1998
Beat the Star Seven Network 2010 (Cancelled before all recorded episodes could be aired)
The Better Sex Nine Network 1978
Twenty One) Nine Network 1969–1970
Big Square Eye ABC 1991–1993
Bert's Family Feud Nine Network 2006–2007
Between the Lines Nine Network 2011
Binnie Time GTV-9 1958-1959
Blankety Blanks Network Ten
Nine Network
1985–1986, 1996
Blind Date Network Ten
Seven Network
1968–1970, 1991
Blockbusters Seven Network 1991–1994
Cash Bonanza Nine Network 2001
Cash Cab Channel V 2007-–2010
Casino 10 Network Ten 1975–1977
Catch Us If You Can Channel V 2007
Catch Phrase and Burgo's Catch Phrase Nine Network 1997–2001, 2002–2003
The Celebrity Game Nine Network
Network Ten
Crown Australian Celebrity Poker Challenge Fox8 2006
Celebrity Squares (see also Hollywood Squares) Network Ten
Nine Network
Celebrity Tattletales (see also Tattletales) Seven Network 1979-1980
Child's Play Seven Network 1984
Coles £3000 Question and Coles $6000 Question Seven Network 1960–1971
Concentration Nine Network
Seven Network
late 1950s to 1967
1970s, 1997
The Con Test Network Ten 2007
Crossfire Nine Network 1987–1988
The Daryl and Ossie Show Network Ten 1978
Deal or No Deal Seven Network 2003-2013
Does Father Know Best? ABC 1950s
Dog Eat Dog Seven Network 2002
Don't Forget the Lyrics
Don't Forget Your Toothbrush Nine Network 1995
Double Dare Network Ten 1989-1992
Double Your Dollars Nine Network 1965
Download Nine Network 2000–2002
Do You Trust Your Wife? GTV-9 1957-1958
The Dulux Show Seven Network 1957
EC Plays Lift Off ABC 1994
The Einstein Factor' ABC 2004–2009
Fairway Fun Nine Network 1960s
Family Bowl Quiz ABC 1969
Family Double Dare Network Ten 1989
Family Feud Nine Network
Seven Network
The Family Game Network Ten 1967
Flashback ABC 1983, 2000
Flashez ABC 1976–1977
Ford Superquiz Nine Network 1981–1982
Free for All Nine Network 1973
Friday Night Games Network Ten 2005–2006
Fun with Charades HSV-7 1956-1958
Gambit Nine Network 1974
Generation Gap Network Ten 1969
Get the Message Network Ten 1971–1972
Gladiators Seven Network 1995–1996, 2008
The Golden Show Nine Network 1960s
The Gong Show (see also The Gong Show) Network Ten 1976
Go Go Stop Seven Network 2004–2009
Good News Week ABC
Network Ten
1999-2000, 2008-2011
Good News World Network Ten 2011
Great Temptation Seven Network 1970–1976
The Great TV Game Show Network Ten 1989
Greed Network Ten 2001
Guess What? Nine Network 1992–1993
Have a Go Seven Network 1987
Head 2 Head ABC 2006
High Rollers Seven Network 1975
Hot Streak Seven Network 1998
Hole in the Wall Nine Network 2008
I Do, I Do Network Ten 1996
It's a Knockout Network Ten 1985–1987, 2011
It Could Be You Nine Network 1960–1967, 1969, 1982
It Pays to Be Funny ATN-7 and GTV-9 1957–1958
I've Got a Secret HSV-7, Network Ten 1956-1958, 1966, 1968–1969
Jeopardy! Seven Network
Network Ten
Jigsaw Nine Network 1960s
Joker Poker Network Ten 2005
Keynotes Nine Network 1964, 1992–1993
The Krypton Factor ABC 1987
Let's Make a Deal Nine Network
Network Ten -
1968–1969, 1977
Letterbox and $50,000 Letterbox Seven Network 1963, 1981
Letter Charades Nine Network 1967
Letters and Numbers SBS 2010–2012
Little Aussie Battlers Nine Network 10 February 1998 (one off special)
Long Play Network Ten 1977
The Love Game Seven Network 1984
The Main Event Seven Network 1991–1992
Man O Man Seven Network 1994
The Marriage Game (see also The Newlywed Game) Network Ten 1966–1972
The Master Seven Network 2006
The Mint Nine Network 2007–2008
Mastermind ABC 1978–1984
Match Game Network Ten 1960s
Match Mates Nine Network 1981–1982
Micro Macro ABC 1978
The $1,000,000 Chance of a Lifetime (Australian game show) Seven Network 1999–2000
The Million Dollar Drop Nine Network 2011
Million Dollar Wheel of Fortune Nine Network 2008
Mind Twist Network Ten 1992–1993
Minute to Win It Seven Network 2010
Money Makers Network Ten 1971–1973, 1982
Junior Money Makers TVQ0 (Brisbane only) 1973
My Generation Nine Network 1995–1996
Name That Tune TCN9 (Sydney only) 1956–1957, 1975) (The first game show on Australian television)
National Bingo Night Seven Network 2007
National Star Quest 1978 - Talent show with a country theme. Made in Wollongong, aired on regional TV stations)
New Faces Nine Network
Network Ten
1963–1985, 1989–1990
The Newlyweds Game (see also The Newlywed Game) Network Ten
Nine Network
Now You See It Seven Network
Nine Network
Opportunity Knocks Seven Network 1976
Out of the Question Seven Network 2008
The Oz Game ABC 1988–1989
Pantomime Quiz ATN-7 and GTV-9 1957
Pass the Buck Nine Network 2002
Perfect Match Network Ten
Seven Network
1978, 1984–1989
Personality Squares (See Hollywood Squares) Network Ten 1967–1969
The Phone (Australian TV series) Fox8 2009
Pick a Box Seven Network 1957–1971
Pick Your Face Nine Network 1999–2003
Play Your Cards Right Seven Network 1984-1985
Play Your Hunch Nine Network 1962–1964
Playcards Network Ten 1969
Pot Luck Network Ten 1987
Pot of Gold Network Ten 1975–1978
Press Your Luck Seven Network 1987–1988
The Pressure Pak Show Seven Network 1957–1958
The Price Is Right (1957-1963) ATN-7 (Sydney only)
GTV|GTV-9 (Melbourne only)
Seven Network
The Price Is Right (1973-2012) Seven Network
Network Ten
Nine Network
1981–1986, 2012
1973–1974, 1989
1993–1998, 2003–2005
Pyramid Challenge Network Ten 1978
Quest ABC 1976–1978
The Quiz Kids Seven Network 1964–1968
Quizmania Nine Network 2006–2007
Quizmaster Seven Network 2002
Race Around the World ABC
Raising a Husband GTV-9 1957-1958
Ripsnorters Seven Network 1997
The Rich List Seven Network 2007-2009
Sale of the Century Nine Network 1980–2001
Say G'day Nine Network 1986
Say When!! Nine Network 1962–1964
Search for a Star Network Ten 1970–1971, 1981
Second Chance Network Ten 1977
Shafted Nine Network 2002
Sharky's Friends Nine Network 2007
Showcase Network Ten 1965–1970, 1973–1974, 1978
The Singing Bee Nine Network 2007
Snakes and Ladders HSV-7 1959
Spending Spree Nine Network 1971–1976
Spit It Out Seven Network
Split Personality Network Ten 1967
Split Second Nine Network 1972–1973
Sport in Question ABC 1986
The Squiz SBS 2009
Star Search Network Ten 1985–1986
Steam Punks ABC3 2013-2014
Stop the Music HSV-7 1956-1957
Strike It Lucky Nine Network 1994
Supermarket Sweep Nine Network 1992–1994
Superquiz Network Ten 1989
Surprise Package Nine Network 1961
Take a Chance Seven Network 1959
Take a Letter Network Ten 1967
Take the Hint Nine Network 1963–1966
Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation Network Ten 2009–2012
Talking Telephone Numbers Seven Network 1996
Tell the Truth Nine Network
Network Ten
Temptation Nine Network 2005–2009
That's My Desire HSV-7 1958-1960
Theatre Sports ABC 1987
Three on a Match Seven Network 1973–?
Tic-Tac-Dough Nine Network 1960–1964
Time Masters Seven Network 1996–1998
The Tommy Hanlon Show Nine Network 1967–1968
Total Recall Seven Network 1994–1995
Treasure Hunt Network Ten 1977–1978
The Trivial Video Show Seven Network 1986
TV Talent Scout Seven Network 1957–1958
University Challenge ABC 1987–1989
The Up-Late Game Show Network Ten 2005–2006
Video Village Nine Network 1960s
Vidiot ABC 1992–1994
Visquiz SBS 1985
The Weakest Link Seven Network
Seven Local TV
What Do You Know? ABC3 2010–2011
What's It Worth? ABC 1950s
What's My Line? TCN-9 1956-1958
Wheel of Fortune Seven Network 1981–2006
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Nine Network 1999–2006, 2007
Win Roy and HG's Money (see Win Ben Stein's Money) Seven Network 2000
Wipeout Seven Network 1999–2001
Wipeout Nine Network 2009
Who Dares Wins Seven Network 1996–1998
Who, What And Where?
Would You Believe? ABC 1970–1974
You're A Star Network Ten 1982